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Important Meeting Reminder!

Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Congressman Rob Bishop will hold two Town hall meetings in Southeast Utah Friday August 9, 2013 to discuss his land use plan.

The first meeting for San Juan County Residents will be at 5:00 PM at the  County Building in Monticello.

The second meeting for Grand County Residents is at 7:30 PM at the Grand Center in Moab.


It’s important that you attend to make your voice heard pertaining to land use issues in our area. Tell your friends and neighbors!

Hypocrisy- Extremist Enviro Group “Rising Tide” Protests From The Decks of Chartered Yachts While Munching on Catered Food


Yes, the organization that participated in temporarily shutting down the road on the Bookcliffs last week.

Read more here:



Federal Judge Rules for Property Rights, Smacks Down Abusive Feds

In an historic 104-page ruling, Chief Judge Robert C. Jones of the Federal District Court of Nevada has struck a major blow for property rights and, at the same time, has smacked down federal agencies that have been riding roughshod over Western ranchers and property owners. The long-awaited ruling, which had been expected before the end of last year, was finally issued at the end of May. The court case, U.S. v. Hage, has been keenly watched by legal analysts and constitutional scholars — but has been completely ignored by the major media.

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Oops! Tar Sands Protesters Temporarily Shut Down County Road Improvement Project.

Uinta County Utah

Fresh out of activist training a coalition of environmental activist groups staged a protest temporarily stopping a road work crew doing work under contract with Uinta County.

No one was arrested or cited, said Uintah County Chief Deputy Sheriff John Laursen. He confirmed that 50 to 60 protesters halted road work and, for a time, closed the county road.

“Mostly we just wanted to make sure no one got hurt,” Laursen said.

The CEO of U.S. Oil Sands said his company is not building the road. It does, however, have a small test mine at the site but is not now producing oil. In a telephone interview, Cameron Todd said the oil sands mining operation is scheduled to ramp up in 2014.

The protest came after a week-long training camp that brought environmentalists to Utah from around the region for instruction in nonviolent, civil disobedience, according to a statement released by the organizations.

Read the Salt Lake City Tribune article here:

Sagebrush Coalition letter to Congressman Rob Bishop & Upcoming Townhall Meeting


United States Congressman Rob Bishop is working on legislation titled the Utah Public Lands Initiative. This plan is currently conceptual but involves losing more State land in Grand and San Juan counties to the Federal Government. The following letter was sent to Rob Bishop’s office on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in regards to this initiative and the issue of public lands.

There will be a town hall meeting August 9 from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Grand Center in Moab, Utah. Please join your fellow Sagebrush Rebels at this event and let our voices be heard!

Dear Congressman Bishop,

This letter comes to you on behalf of The Sagebrush Coalition and concerned citizens of Southeastern Utah. The Sagebrush Coalition is a Moab, Utah based non-profit organization comprised of a diverse group of people with personal and private concerns pertaining to state and public lands. Many of our members are stakeholders in private interests in Moab and the surrounding areas ranging from mineral exploration, cattle grazing, tourism, and recreation. Our mission is to promote balanced environmental and public land policy as well as maintain and enhance the public’s access to public lands in Utah for industry and recreation.

We are writing to inform you that we strongly oppose any legislation regarding the loss or restriction of multiple use on state or public lands in Southeastern Utah and urge you to meet with us prior to making any formal decisions on proposed legislation regarding these matters. Given that we are small rural communities whose lively hood comes from industry as well as tourism, the land we have already lost to environmental groups and the Federal Government has caused Grand and San Juan County’s economies to suffer immensely. The loss of more would prove to be irrevocably detrimental. Recent history has shown that every few years the Bureau of Land Management creates more wilderness study areas and the like without discussion or regard and we simply cannot afford to let this continue. Grand and San Juan counties already have thousands of acres of de facto wilderness or wilderness study areas. Our State lands contain vast mineral resources and serve as the destination for many locals and visitors alike who use these lands for various kinds of recreation.

The State of Utah, a sovereign entity, shouldn’t have to negotiate away our State lands to an ever-overreaching Federal Government or special interest groups to achieve “compromise.” The Sagebrush Coalition believes that we are simply moving in the wrong direction as a people if we engage in negotiations with groups that promote and serve an ideology fueled by fear instead of hope, conflict instead of solutions, litigation instead of education, emotion instead of science, and destroying rather than employing human resources.

Our organization respectfully invites you to come to Moab to tour our lands as well as meet with us regarding issues and policy pertaining to our state and public lands. We feel the economic well being of our area as well as our personal wishes as locals should be taken into consideration while your office is planning the Public Lands Initiative.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our request.


Curtis Wells



Rob Bishop-SageBrushcoalition-letter

Tales of Tyranny – The Daman Story (Video)

For decades, the Daman family managed their property on the Olympic Peninsula according to the strictest forest practice guidelines in North America. They jumped through all the hoops to get permission from Washington’s Department of Natural Resources to harvest the timber they’d tended for 70 years. They even hired a group of local loggers, creating jobs in their community. Then, just as they were about to reap the rewards of their hard work, government snatched it all away.


SEGAB Response To The Bishop Plan

Recently The Southeastern Utah Grazing Advisory Board (SEGAB) penned a letter to Congressman Rob Bishop (UT), outlining their concerns for future land use planning for Southeast Utah.

See also, Monte Wells Thoughts on his blog The Petroglyph.

Cowboy in Contemplation

 (Photo credit: Ghonllier)

for Southeastern Utah.

USFWS Delays Gunnison Sage Grouse Listing Decision


GUNNISON SAGE-GROUSE (Photo credit: Fool-On-The-Hill)

Heeding “loud and clear” public comment to look more closely at the science, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to take another half-year to decide whether the Gunnison sage-grouse should be declared endangered.

The decision announced today follows a written request Friday by U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, D-Colo., and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, for a six-month extension on the matter.

Fish and Wildlife said in a news release Monday that an additional 45-day public comment period will begin on its proposal to protect the bird under the Endangered Species Act and designate more than 1.7 million acres of critical habitat in western Colorado and eastern Utah. It postponed decisions on those proposals until March 31 of next year, and will accept public comments through Sept. 3.

“We heard loud and clear from many people invested in Gunnison sage-grouse conservation that there is additional scientific information we should consider during our decision-making process,” Noreen Walsh, director of the agency’s Mountain-Prairie Region, said in the release.

It said comments received to date already have indicated “substantial disagreement regarding interpretation of scientific literature, and literature that may not have been fully considered.

“This information includes Gunnison sage-grouse population trends, the scope of and effectiveness of Gunnison County’s regulatory mechanisms in addressing threats to Gunnison sage-grouse, projections about the extent of future residential development within the range of the species, and what constitutes historical habitat and important current habitat for the species.”

An estimated 5,000 breeding Gunnison sage-grouse are known to live in the Gunnison Basin and in southeastern Utah.

Read the entire article here:  Agency agrees to take longer look at bird’s listing

Another “End Run” in the works by the non-motorized recreation industry?

English: Canyonlands National Park is located ...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another interesting article from the Petroglyph.

Congressman Bishop has teamed up with Utah county governments, Environmental Groups, Native Americans, and others to bring forth a lands bill for each county as a compromise with environmental groups.   Lets look at one group that made presentations to both the Grand County Commission and the San Juan County Commissioners on recreational zoning.  They stated that Congressman Bishop had solicited their help in working with the counties, environmental groups,  and the land agencies to develop a lands bill.   This particular group has two different website: ”Utah Outdoor Business Network”  and the “Public Lands Solutions”.   The Public Land Solutions is;  ”a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive recreation planning and stakeholder coordination to support effective and sustainable public land solutions.”   The Utah Outdoor Business Network claims to be; “A group of Utah recreation businesses working for the wise stewardship of recreation assets that support the current and future recreation economy of the region.”  They are also the ones behind the Greater Canyonlands proposal that will lock up the majority of public lands in San Juan and part of Grand County.

Who is behind this group?  It appears that the staff of Public Lands Solutions is Ashley Korenblat and Jason Keith.  Lets take a look at who these folks are and what they do. The following bios were taken form the Public Lands Solutions website.

Read the rest of the story here:  Is Utah Outdoor Business Network working with US Congressman Bishop to create a Government Sponsored Recreation Monopoly?

Sally jewell in Utah Today on Her First Visit as Interior Secretary


Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s first official foray into Utah as overseer of the nation’s public lands brings her to a state where the

Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell (Photo credit: Burke Museum)

issue of federal land management has reached a contentious, fervent pitch.

Jewell, a keynote speaker at the Western Governors Association’s annual meeting Friday, will highlight the value of public lands, underscoring the economic contributions derived from outdoor recreation, travel and tourism, and energy development.

Last month, Jewell met with Utah Gov. Gary Herbert in Washington, where he also testified before the House Natural Resources subcommittee that management of fire-threatened forests and threatened species are tasks best left to the states.

Read the Deseret News article here:  Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s first visit to Utah to focus on value of public lands

See also this cautionary tale from Monte Wells blog “The Petroglyph” 

Deep down inside, you have to wonder if environmentalists experience any level of self-loathing when their actions decimate rural economies, kill the livelihoods of millions of workers, and destroy the creation of wealth.  I suspect most of them are so blindly committed to their cause, that they don’t think too much about this, but if they do experience any level of self-loathing that would explain why they are always trying to share studies that vindicate the havoc they wreak by claiming that recreation and tourism replace the economic activity that they destroy.

Read the full article here:  The Tenuous Connection Between Wilderness, Recreation, and Rural Economic Growth