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PLEASE HELP US to keep the Grand County roads open, including some of those roads and trails that you enjoy each year during various local activities such as the Jeep Safari, Rally on the Rocks, UTV/ATV and 4-Wheeling!!! We need your help, because without it, you may find more of them closed in the near future!

~Sagebrush Coalition Mission Statement~ To maintain our Constitutional Right to use all established motorized roads and trails across public lands and open illegally closed roads and trails to promote motorized access for industry and the general public.

DID YOU KNOW that the Federal Government is in the process of closing roads throughout the Western United States?! And that they have already closed many roads in Grand County and continue to close more roads every week. These existing roads were granted to the American people by Congress under the Mining Act of 1872 referred to as “RS-2477 Rights of Way” .

General Information

DID YOU KNOW that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has filed a petitioning that wants the Interior Department to ban off-road vehicles from more than 1,050 miles of trails in the greater Canyonlands area?!!

Sagebrush Coalition

P.O. Box 1281

Moab, Utah 84532

  1. Dana Heck permalink

    My husband attended the Jeep Safari this weekend and he brought home one of your fliers. This is all part of Agenda 21. I am in a group in Arizona and we are fighting it too. I’ve been trying to get the jeep magazines aware of it so they can let people know. AZ just nullified Agenda 21. Work with your local Sheriffs and try to educate people one group at a time. Go to and maybe we can help each other. This is a take over by the UN and will result in the total loss of land and property rights for American citizens.

  2. It looks like our organizations are working on the same track! We’d love to work with you.


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