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Urgent – Help Save the Big Ridge Trail!

by on June 24, 2013
Big Ridge is located in the area of Poison Springs, Hatch Canyon and Glen Canyon Recreation area.  On Big Ridge there is a back country air strip built by Simplot.  Access to Big Ridge is very limited.  You can’t access Big Ridge without going through the Glen Canyon Recreation area which requires a street legal full size vehicle or motorcycle, no street legal ATVs are allowed.  Big Ridge is BLM land and not part of the Glen Canyon Recreation area.  Coming off of Big Ridge into Hatch Canyon is a dugway.  This was built with a BULLDOZER in the 1950s and is visible from Google Earth.  This dugway bypasses the Glen Canyon Recreation area and allows ATVs and non-street legal machines to access the BLM trail system on Big Ridge.  A few years back a large boulder fell on to the road and blocked ATV and full size access; however, motorcycle riders have been using it.  In May of this year OHV users groups and the Utah State Parks had planned to take a trail cat down the dugway to remove the obstruction.  SUWA found out about the the project, contacted the BLM and SHUT DOWN the project.  In order to complete the project the BLM is now doing an EA (environmental assessment).  SUWA has vowed to put a stop to this and has called upon its members to email the BLM field offices.  Currently they are sending hundreds of emails to stop this.
SUWAs website information is riddled with lies.  SUWA members are telling the BLM of inaccurate information.  They claim that it is a “proposed opening”.  This is false.  The dugway is currently an open and approved BLM motorized travel route.  They claim it has been impassible for over “30 years”.  This is not correct.  Seven motorcycles rode this dugway in March of 2013.  They claim that this route is unnecessary because “ORV” users can access it through the Glen Canyon National Recreation area.  This is not true.  ORVs are NOT street legal.  Only street legal motorcycle and full size vehicles are allowed into the park to access Big Ridge.
This dugway will allow for all OHVs that are not street legal.  It makes a great loop for Jeeps and dual sport riding.  It allows ATVs to access Big Ridge.
Take less than a minute and send the BLM an email in support of the Big Ridge Dugway project.  Here are some talking points:
1.        Include who you are your recreational interest (full size, ATV, MC, Dual Sport).
2.       The Current BLM Resource Management Plan supports maintenance of this route.
3.       Under the current travel plan this dugway is opened to motorized use.
4.       It was constructed by a Bulldozer and has been in use since 1950.
5.       Route leads to a back country air strip.
6.       Route is currently being used.
7.       Route was analyzed during the RMP process and was designated open by BLM staff.
Keep it simple.  Even just an email voice support of it will help.  Send your emails to both
Richfield Field Office Manager: Wayne Wetzel
District Manager: Todd Christensen

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  1. I think we need to save and improve the big ridge trail

  2. Done and shared — that was very easy and very very important. If we don’t respond, particularly when our own BLM office is trying to keep an access road open, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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